Spring View of Table Mountain - 235/365

There is a small restaurant that cooks breakfast all day behind me as I am making this image. They make a great breakfast with everything brought in from the local farms. As I left I saw the view I missed going in. This one of Table Mountain with the Spring flowers in bloom. It was a bright sunny day so it was not hard to make a good landscape image technically. Composition was the hard part here. Where to choose to physically stand to make the image. I chose to put the fence between myself and Table Mountain to add perspective and the farm feeling.


My Most Relaxing Place To Be - 222/365

My most relaxing place to be is on my surfboard out in the water. As I have stated before, time does not matter and the focus is on the here and now. It is a pure state of being in the moment. Rocking gently in the water up and down with the smaller swells and knowing that the larger ones that you will attempt will come in due time. No need to try and anticipate because you are not in control. The power of the ocean is incredible and you absolutely have no influence on it. You must be resigned and willing to surrender to the power. I find it very spiritual and relaxing to surrender completely in that way. If I had known that I would experience this the way I have I would have resumed my surfing way before getting to Cape Town. I am so glad I've been able to experience this again!


Walking into the Fog - 221/365

Walking into the Fog. There are not many mornings in Cape Town when you encounter no wind at all. There is usually always a breeze. This was one of those morning where it seemed that if you followed the footsteps onto the beach you would disappear into the fog. Rather eerie. As if you are walking to an unknown whiteness.


Cape Town Winter Selfie - 174/365

The weather in Cape Town during Winter is much like Miami. It changes abruptly and can be extreme from one day to the next. Yesterday was a bright sunny day with no wind and beautiful waves. Today, very different and very cold. No run for me without cold protection as you see here!


"Dogs at Sunset-Cape Town"-My 365 Project 112/365

"Dogs at Sunset-Cape Town"-My 365 Project 112/365

"Dogs at Sunset-Cape Town"-My 365 Project 112/365

It's so common to walk out at about anytime on the beach here in Cape Town and see people and their dogs. This is a very dog friendly culture. It saddens me that I cannot have my dog over here. He's just too old to make the trip, but I know he'd love it! I really liked the way I was able to silhouette them against the sunset. "Dogs at Sunset-Cape Town"-My 365 Project 112/365

The Element of Texture in an Image

The Element of Texture in an Image

On my evening run I made several images and this one was a pleasant surprise. I initially wanted to get a view of my favorite subject, Table Mountain, from a low vantage point with a sweeping view of the beach in the foreground. When I got home and looked at the image on the computer I immediately realized that what I captured really was not about Table Mountain, but of the texture of the sand in the foreground. While the mountain is there and is certainly pleasing, I was more interested on how you could see the individual grains of sand which is the texture in the image. Surprisingly enough, I got this amount of detail with my iPhone.

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My First Attempt at a Serious Panorama

"Melkbosstrand Sunset Panorama" 50/365. You really have to have this image fill the screen to appreciate it. This is my first serious foray into a Panorama. The sky was kind of ho-hum with my 35mm f1.4 lens on the Fuji XE-2 but all of the parts left and right put together with what I saw would be what I wanted. I made individual images and stitched them together in Photoshop. Then I turned them into the exact tone I wanted in Black and White. Actually a slight Gold and Selenium tone. I really like it. I really enjoy requiring myself to make an image everyday as it is pushing me to be creative. At least in my mind.


Windsurfing Triple Play

I can watch these guys and girls for hours out of my window, and I do! They are amazing athletes. Little did I know that I would be living in front of a small gravel parking lot, in front of a beach where some of the most famous professional windsurfers and kitesurfers practice. Some of them are bound for the Olympics and some are previous Olympic medal winners. Pretty amazing. I can walk through this parking lot on any day and hear a bunch of different languages. Great experience. And very down to earth guys and girls, as you would expect. 36/365project


Flying at Sunset in Cape Town

I came home from photographing in Cape Town today to find the parking lot by my beach full of cars with Windsurfing gear on top. The Windsurfers were taking advantage of the roaring Southeaster and the break that is so famous right in front of my apartment in Melkbosstrand. My strength has always been action sports photography and it was the perfect day and time of day to make some images. I used my Canon 5D Mark III with a 70-200mmIS L lens with a 2X converter. I made the image at 1600 ISO at f5.6 and 1/2000th of a second to be able to capture him in flight. I've seen these guys pull off this move a few times when the waves were this high. Many of the guys that come to my beach are pro's and Olympic hopefuls from all over the world. This guy was from France. Image 18/365.