As you can tell by my website, my name is Carlos Fernandez. I was born in La Habana, Cuba and have lived in Miami, Florida, USA, most of my life. I now reside in Miami and in Asheville, North Carolina. I recently came back from a two year stay in Cape Town, South Africa. My travels have opened my vision to all of the areas of photography. Some I like more than others. All of these cities have their own flavor and beauty. I have been making images for more years than I care to count. I did the majority of my formal photographic coursework under the amazing Bill Maguire, and the husband and wife team of Mirta Gomez and Eduardo Del Valle. They made the assignments so challenging that I really had to push myself to get an image that "they wouldn't throw rocks at..." I thank them so much! I'm not going to give you any flowery stuff like...when i get behind the lens I see things in a different way, or....I'm always trying to paint with light...blah,blah,blah. My professors would also agree with that. So here's the truth. I just love making images of whatever comes to mind, especially people! I do try to remain true to the general photographic theory and principles taught by my professors over the years, but I am not so structured that I am not without flexibility. I try to make my images as if I was shooting film. In other words, I don't just shoot a thousand images with the hopes of getting lucky with a good one. This is commonly known as "Spray and Pray". Don't get me wrong, I do get lucky, but it is usually as a result of shooting so long that the luck is partially created by my training.  I've exhibited my work in galleries, shows and received awards, but who really cares. I don't make images for that reason. I make images because I love it. I have a Portfolio of Recent Images where you can see examples of the things that I really enjoy.  I especially like interacting, and observing people during the process. Whatever I do I really try to get it right, but I'm way too critical of myself. As a result of my travels, my educational experience and running photography MeetUp groups, I am planning on leading photography workshops domestically and internationally. More to come on that soon Anyway, enjoy what you see and feel free to comment.