Brewer's & Union Bern Stein 196/365

If you don't know it already, I'll let you know up front that I am a beer snob. No Bud or Miller swill for me. In the wine producing paradise that is Cape Town there is a surge in craft breweries. This is but one of the beers that I like. Brewed locally by Brewers & Union in Cape Town. Funny story is that they have an outdoor pub in town with all of their beers and serve great burgers. It's called "& Union". They can't use the "Brewers" part because the part of the building that they rent is owned by a local church.


I Love Photographing Stormy Weather 194/365

I went on a photo walk with my photography group in Cape Town. We visited a wine estate called Hillcrest. Hillcrest Estate is a boutique winery nestled in the Tygerberg Hills. We hiked around a bit and got to the top a hill just in time to see a storm moving in. I just love the photographic drama of storms!


Roxy Teaches Girls to Surf - 187/365

One of the two places I plan on taking my family to learn to surf is Surf Emporium. It is owned and run by Six Time South African Surfing Champion Roxy Davis and her husband William. Roxy started her business with some loaner boards from her sponsor under some beach umbrellas at Surfers Corner in Muizenberg. Roxy and William are two of the kindest and warmest people you could meet. They have a genuine caring for everyone that steps through their door. One of the major parts of their business that sets them apart is their emphasis on a Girls "RoxyLearn2Surf" program. I am really excited to think that my Granddaughters will be able to learn to surf here with Roxy. Most importantly though, I am glad to be able to call them my friends!

One of my First Surf Coaches - 180/365

This is Darren, one of my first Surf Coaches from Roxy Surf School at Surf Emporium. I got a lot from Darren especially not to take things too seriously and have fun above all else. He was able to give me some more advanced tips after I was already able to stand up on the board again. Anyone who wants to get better at anything needs lessons and a coach. I plan on taking lessons and getting coached regularly. The Pro's do it. That's incentive enough for me! No matter whom I talk to in the surf community the pervasive desire is to have fun above all else!