Walk on a Fiery Sunset - 248/365

I continue to post my 365 images as I get to them. It was tough enough to make the images let alone post them everyday. To that end I am still catching up and I plan to make a small book of all of the images. I'll have more information on that as soon as I get some information on details and possible publication methods. I want to get back to real photographs that you can hold in your hand and not just see on the computer. Nothing beats having an album.

I made this image one evening when I saw this beautiful fiery sunset and there were a couple of people walking on the beach. I wanted to convey how nice and simple life can be by just taking a walk with a loved one. I made this with my Fuji camera and I made three exposures and combined them to be able to get the bright light of the sun and the shadows in the same image.

Walk on a Fiery Sunset

Just Another Abstract Experiment -145/365

Another abstract photographic experiment. In my mind it all starts out when I see a grouping of colors, light, or shapes of normal mundane items and imagine then in an alternate way. Most of the time by adding movement. In this image, which was one of many attempts, I shot my instrument panel while rotating around the axis of my speedometer. My365Project - 145/365.


South Africa is Going to Hell! - 143/365

It is a relatively recent phenomena that South Africa has received the "Fast Food Spawns of Satan": McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, etc. Here in Cape Town it is all the rage. Before you know it South Africa will have similar obesity problems as seen in the USA. Too bad. The food is so good here! My365Project 143/365.