Spring View of Table Mountain - 235/365

There is a small restaurant that cooks breakfast all day behind me as I am making this image. They make a great breakfast with everything brought in from the local farms. As I left I saw the view I missed going in. This one of Table Mountain with the Spring flowers in bloom. It was a bright sunny day so it was not hard to make a good landscape image technically. Composition was the hard part here. Where to choose to physically stand to make the image. I chose to put the fence between myself and Table Mountain to add perspective and the farm feeling.


Windsurfing Triple Play

I can watch these guys and girls for hours out of my window, and I do! They are amazing athletes. Little did I know that I would be living in front of a small gravel parking lot, in front of a beach where some of the most famous professional windsurfers and kitesurfers practice. Some of them are bound for the Olympics and some are previous Olympic medal winners. Pretty amazing. I can walk through this parking lot on any day and hear a bunch of different languages. Great experience. And very down to earth guys and girls, as you would expect. 36/365project


Room With A View

My lease was finalized today so I move in June 5th. Turns out the beach that is in my view just so happens to be a famous beach. Not to everyone, but to a selective group. In the summer the best Wind and Kite Surfers come from all over the world to this beach to train. These are Pro Circuit and Olympic Athletes. I don't really know why yet and nobody can really explain it to me, but you can be sure that when they get here in the Summer (December, odd huh) I'll get plenty of images and get to the bottom of the why. Looking forward to the show. Starting to get cold here.