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Art and Bodies: A Celebration of Self Expression

I honestly, did not know what to expect when the call went out to cover the South Florida Tattoo Expo in Coral Springs. I knew though that the color and characters that I would encounter would certainly provide for interesting photographic opportunities. I checked in to get my Media Credentials and the ladies at the registration table were very pleasant and as far as I could see free of bodily markings or anything else. On my way to the main Expo area I passed the Pirate tables. Theses are the Doctors, Lawyers, and various other Professionals that dress like bad asses in all kinds of Harley stuff. I truly did not see anyone there that looked scary and acted the part. On the contrary everyone and I mean everyone was very pleasant and more than eager to get photographed. In a couple of cases this was sans clothing. Ok, so I did not do this assignment just for the pay. Then again a Publix Bagger would not do it for the pay either. I do kiosk after another this because I love photography and interacting with people. After passing the many vendors that mainly consisted of Sex Toys, body implants of various types and Drug paraphernalia, I made it into the main hall. The main area of the Expo was one Tattoo Kiosk after another. I would say probably fifty in all, and they were all doing brisk business usually by appointment only. I definitely had Tattoo envy with my one and only Ironman Tattoo.  On owner stopped me and showed me his latest work of art. Seeing that I had my media tag on, he said I missed all the excitement. About half an hour before I arrived he Tattooed a woman's Anus a Green Blue which he proudly showed me on his Iphone. Really? I would not have believed it had I not seen it with my own eyes. The Expo was not a place for the bashful. If you can imagine where someone can get a Tattoo, they were getting them there and in some very private places. Funny thing, I did not see any of the typical guys, you know who they are with the Tribal Armband.These were hard core Tattoo people. The real story in my opinion and what provided for the most interesting images were not the customers, but the artists. The different looks of concentration showed that they have a genuine dedication to their craft. These are not the slouches that misspell words on peoples knuckles with rudimentary instruments. The Tattoo Artists I saw there were true professionals in their interaction with the public, their adherence to cleanliness and safety, and the works of art they were creating. There was also a tasteful burlesque show, and piercing contest, though I missed the later while watching a young lady receive several piercings on her chest and back that were then laced with leather. I spoke to her afterward and she told me that she was an apprentice at the Tattoo Parlor that was performing the work. I guess that could be a tax deduction. Anyway enjoy the images I posted and follow the link to my Facebook Page to see the rest. Thanks for reading! [nggallery id=11]

Making a simple image a little more interesting and dramatic!

Let It Be dancers from Dance Attack at the Diplomat Hotel in Ft. Lauderdale. Taken by Ana with an iPhone 4S and manipulated in a couple of programs for effect. Now you don't need fancy computer programs to do this there are thousands of apps on your phone that can come pretty close. Search the app store for photography. [caption id="attachment_1336" align="alignleft" width="640" caption="Let it be, Dance Attack,2012"][/caption]

What do Peter Frampton and the Miami Marlins have in common?

The answer to the title would not be readily known to many who have not lived in Miami for quite a time. Before the Miami Marlins, then the Florida Marlins became a major league baseball franchise, their closest sibling would have been the Minor Leaugue Miami Marlins that were a farm team under the Baltimore Orioles. This would have been in the 1970's and prior. During the height of his career Peter Frampton came out with Frampton Comes Alive, one of the best selling albums of all time. During the Frampton Comes Alive Tour in 1977, Peter Frampton played in Miami with Gary Wright, famous for Dreamweaver. The concert was held at the old Miami Baseball Stadium which also hosted the Miami Marlins as a minor league team. The stadium has long since been abandoned and the images below are of the inside of the stadium today. Enjoy!

Miami Stadium (also known as Bobby Maduro Miami Stadium) was a basebal stadium in Miami, Florida. It was primarily used for baseball, and was the home field of the Miami Marlins minor league baseball team, as well as other minor league teams. It opened in 1949 and held 13,500 people. It was also used as the Spring Training home of the Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodgers from 1950-1958 (for most of their "A" games). The Dodgers played their first game as the Los Angeles Dodgers at the ballpark when they opened their 1958 spring training schedule against the Phillies on March 8, 1958 in front of 5,966 fans.[1] It was used during the spring by the Baltimore Orioles from 1959-1990. At the time of its construction, Miami Stadium was remarkably modern and well-appointed, although in time it would be surpassed by later designs.On June 6, 1958, Orioles president James Keelty Jr. reached agreement with Miami Marlins president George B. Storer to move the Orioles spring training home from Scottsdale, Arizona to Miami Stadium for the 1959 spring training season.[2] On May 25, 1990, the Orioles announced that the team would move their spring training home games from Miami Stadium to Bradenton and Sarasota in 1991. The Orioles had trained at Twin Lakes Park in Sarasota prior to spring games in 1989 and 1990.[3]The stadium was located on the block bounded by Northwest 23rd Street (south - first base), Northwest 10th Avenue (west - third base), and Northwest 8th Avenue (east - right field), with an open area behind left field extending about a block north.A distinguishing feature of the ballpark was a high arched cantilever-type roof over the grandstand, in contrast to the typical styles of either flat and slightly sloping, or peaked like a house. This design enabled the ballpark to have a roof that covered most of the spectator area without any posts blocking the spectators' view. Al Lopez Field in Tampa, Florida employed a somewhat similar design with a less dramatic curve and less coverage.When the Florida Marlins were established in 1993, the new club opted for Joe Robbie Stadium, the home of the Miami Dolphins football team, a much larger facility than Miami Stadium.The City of Miami had proposed razing the stadium and selling the property for warehouses. But a sale price of $1.6 million plus demolition cost of $725,000, scared away would-be developers.


2012 Art Wynwood

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I photographed the 2012 Art Wynwood VIP / Press Preview Night and After Party at Wynwood Walls for NewTimes Miami. Here are selected images from that event. The art was amazing. About thirty percent was photography. Of course I was very focused on the photography. Photographers, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Andy Warhol,  and Douglas Kirkland were among the most notable ones featured.


The Nostalgia of Marine Stadium Miami

While I know I am dating myself, I attended many concerts at this magnificent venue. Humble Pie, Yes, Loggins and Maessina, Seals & Crofts, to name a few. Some as a paying entrant and some as a gate crasher on my surfboard. Groups of us would meet on the beach about half a mile away and tie six packs onto our surfboards and paddle to the stage under the cover of night and watch the concerts next to the paying boating patrons. Architecturally this place is a gem, but has been neglected since Hurricane Andrew came through. Now it's a canvas for any and all. There is a move underway to restore the place and it's getting some traction. Hopefully I'll get to see more concerts there in the future. And maybe I'll even drag out the surfboard. [caption id="attachment_140" align="alignleft" width="1000" caption="Miami Marine Stadium 2011"]Miami Marine Stadium 2011[/caption]

Infrared Palm

Over the years I've experimented with Infrared Photography. This used to be a rather difficult and pain staking process. First Infrared film was rather expensive, needed to be kept very cold as it responds to heat, did not travel well due to heat and X-rays, and on top of it all had to be loaded and unloaded in your camera in a darkroom or dark bag. The great part was that you never knew what you were going to get. Sometimes you would get incredibly beautiful images from rather plain subjects. One of these images is shown below. This is an actual Infrared image negative that was scanned for digital display. [caption id="attachment_135" align="alignleft" width="2381" caption="Infrared Palm"]Infrared Palm[/caption]

2011 Bicycle Film Festival Miami, "La Noche" Crit Races

[caption id="attachment_60" align="alignleft" width="720" caption="2011, BFF, bicycle, Bicycle Film Festival, Cycling, Cycllist, Fixed Gear, March, Miami > South Florida, Nighttime,, Wynwood"]Racers[/caption] Last night I went to the Wynwood Arts District of Miami, which is basically factories, and galleries in the area between Downtown Miami and Little Haiti. I found it totally redeveloped, but I kinda already knew that. The 2011 Bicycle Film Festival, Miami is being held this weekend, and it's a series of Documentaries, Short Films and After Parties promoting all types of cycling. The first night opened with two street races. Kind of underground, but not really because the Police knew it was happening and kindly looked the other way since it was in a "not at all" traveled area of Miami. The first race was with geared bikes, and by the way this was all at night with bike lights. The second race was Fixed Gear bikes with no brakes. So here's how it works: the pedals chain and rear wheel are setup as a track bike or a messenger bike is setup. If the bike is moving, the pedals have to move. Think of a tricycle. So to slow down you have to slow your pedaling sometimes so much that the rear wheel begins to skip along if you stop pedaling. Lots of skill involved here and not for the faint of heart. One poor guy, new to this, could not make the first turn and slammed right into a building at 20 plus mph. He was on the ground until paramedics showed. They checked him out and he waved them off. Oh to be young and foolish again...


Nightcar on MacArthur

You can get some unpredictable and interesting effects with a camera resting on the dashboard. I cropped out the windshield wipers. I think next time I'll use a slower shutter speed to try and blur everything but the main subject. [caption id="attachment_31" align="alignleft" width="360" caption="2011, car, January, Miami > South Florida, Nighttime, Road,"][/caption]