Infrared Palm

Over the years I've experimented with Infrared Photography. This used to be a rather difficult and pain staking process. First Infrared film was rather expensive, needed to be kept very cold as it responds to heat, did not travel well due to heat and X-rays, and on top of it all had to be loaded and unloaded in your camera in a darkroom or dark bag. The great part was that you never knew what you were going to get. Sometimes you would get incredibly beautiful images from rather plain subjects. One of these images is shown below. This is an actual Infrared image negative that was scanned for digital display. [caption id="attachment_135" align="alignleft" width="2381" caption="Infrared Palm"]Infrared Palm[/caption]

More iPhoneography

This image was taken with my iPhone early this morning. I adjusted it in-camera using three different apps: Red Camera, Photoshop for iPhone, and Impressions. I recently started experimenting with a lot of different types of programs to manipulate images. It's a lot of fun and produces interesting results. There's a lot of opinions on this type of manipulation. Art is art and in the eye of the beholder.


2011 Bicycle Film Festival Miami, "La Noche" Crit Races

[caption id="attachment_60" align="alignleft" width="720" caption="2011, BFF, bicycle, Bicycle Film Festival, Cycling, Cycllist, Fixed Gear, March, Miami > South Florida, Nighttime, www.carlosfernandezphotography.com, Wynwood"]Racers[/caption] Last night I went to the Wynwood Arts District of Miami, which is basically factories, and galleries in the area between Downtown Miami and Little Haiti. I found it totally redeveloped, but I kinda already knew that. The 2011 Bicycle Film Festival, Miami is being held this weekend, and it's a series of Documentaries, Short Films and After Parties promoting all types of cycling. The first night opened with two street races. Kind of underground, but not really because the Police knew it was happening and kindly looked the other way since it was in a "not at all" traveled area of Miami. The first race was with geared bikes, and by the way this was all at night with bike lights. The second race was Fixed Gear bikes with no brakes. So here's how it works: the pedals chain and rear wheel are setup as a track bike or a messenger bike is setup. If the bike is moving, the pedals have to move. Think of a tricycle. So to slow down you have to slow your pedaling sometimes so much that the rear wheel begins to skip along if you stop pedaling. Lots of skill involved here and not for the faint of heart. One poor guy, new to this, could not make the first turn and slammed right into a building at 20 plus mph. He was on the ground until paramedics showed. They checked him out and he waved them off. Oh to be young and foolish again...


Nightcar on MacArthur

You can get some unpredictable and interesting effects with a camera resting on the dashboard. I cropped out the windshield wipers. I think next time I'll use a slower shutter speed to try and blur everything but the main subject. [caption id="attachment_31" align="alignleft" width="360" caption="2011, car, January, Miami > South Florida, Nighttime, Road, www.carlosfernandezphotography.com"][/caption]