South Africa

Trying to Make a Simple Portrait

I love my Granddaughters! I really do! Sometimes though it's a mission to try and make a simple portrait. On our way back from picking them up at Cape Town airport we stopped at Primi Piatti, a restaurant chain that you cannot really go wrong with. The stairs leading up had a beautiful brick wall to use as a backdrop for some nice quick portraits. So I thought. LOL! After many tries struggling with flipping hair and "two fingered puckered posers" and "duck faces". And, "my hair is not right." I finally got one image that I really like. The one you like is up to you so I posted them all.

My First Attempt at a Serious Panorama

"Melkbosstrand Sunset Panorama" 50/365. You really have to have this image fill the screen to appreciate it. This is my first serious foray into a Panorama. The sky was kind of ho-hum with my 35mm f1.4 lens on the Fuji XE-2 but all of the parts left and right put together with what I saw would be what I wanted. I made individual images and stitched them together in Photoshop. Then I turned them into the exact tone I wanted in Black and White. Actually a slight Gold and Selenium tone. I really like it. I really enjoy requiring myself to make an image everyday as it is pushing me to be creative. At least in my mind.


"African Runner" Cape Town

"African Runner" 19/365
I was out for a run on my Cape Town beach, and making sunset images when I saw another runner coming my way. I waited for him to enter the frame anticipating a silhouette caused by the sunset. #365project #iphoneography #capetown #beachrun #sunset #melkbosstrand.

African Runner

African Runner

Sometimes Table Mountain is just perfect!

I made this image from one of the many public beaches between my apartment in Melkbosstrand and Cape Town. I just happened to see Table Mountain with the Southeaster, or Cape Doctor clouds developing just before they roll down the North side and the wind begins to howl. I got out and really did not know what to expect from the scenery on the beach. It was beautiful and deserted. The wind was already blowing pretty hard and it was difficult to keep the camera steady. I had to sit down on a dune and secure the camera between my knees and my face to get this image. If I see this effect from home then I know the winds will reach me in about an hour if they're mild, or forty-five minutes if it's really going to blow hard. For the photo geeks out there, I used my Canon 5D Mark III, 24-70mm 2.8L lens @ 42mm 1/250 sec @ f5.6 to make this image. Oh and yes, this is an HDR image. Enjoy...

Table Mountain Southeaster Clouds, Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa