How do you make natural looking images indoors?

This topic is one that many people find most difficult. The reason for it is that the flash tends to overpower the subject making the room very dark and the subject obviously exposed by flash. There are several ways to solve this problem. The simplest way is to allow the camera take the reading for you without the flash, set you camera manually to that setting, set your flash to Auto and bounce the light off the ceiling. That's great if you have a fancy camera and flash, but what about most of you that have a point and shoot. And there are many great point and shoots out there. So here's a simple trick. Cut a piece of plastic from a milk carton about 5" x 7". Then hold that piece of plastic about an inch in front of your flash length-wise angled at the ceiling (ceiling has to be some shade of white and not too tall). Then take the image. Some light will go through the plastic softening the light and sparkling the eyes, while some will bounce off the ceiling creating a softer light. Experiment with the settings on your camera and try to find the sweet spot. Good Luck! [gallery link="file" columns="2"]