Downtown Capetown as crazy as any city

Many things on my plate today. Bank account, car registration, and fixing my Visa. My work Visa is good for three years, but they stamped three months at the airport. So out of all of these nightmarish projects in a foreign country, which do you think would take the longest. Banking, no, I have a personal banker in the Premier division of FNB, a subsidiary of Barclays. Took 10 minutes to open my account and they'll send someone to deliver my debit card. Twelve dollars a month for unlimited transactions and rewards points. Take that Washington Mutual! Visa problem, no, another 10 minutes. Mistakes on their part go to the front of the line. How about that. Registering a car in your name is a NIGHTMARE! But, at least you can gift a car and not pay the tax of 14%. My old boss was gracious enough to give me his Mercedes! I'll bet all of the private car sales are gifts! Stopped by this cafe in downtown Capetown. It was unique. It had a Steampunk decor (Marisa) and they roasted and ground their own coffee (Ana & Janelle). The Roaster and Grinder were huge. When you paid your bill it came in a pewter mug. Very cool. I congratulated the owner and asked if I could make some images. He was flattered. Also looks like I may have an apartment. Really hard to come by in Melkboss. Only three condo complexes. Lucky enough to find a large, very modern one bedroom across a neighborhood street from the beach with an unobstructed view and most importantly, sound of the waves. Mesmerizing. No more iPod with fake wave sounds. Comes a small little yard that includes a slab where you park your car and a beautiful electronic wooden/stainless steel gate. It's almost art. Anyway, would have rather have had a two bedroom but the price is right. Furnished, all new stuff, stainless and granite bath and kitchen for R7500. That's about $789 including utilities. Pictures to follow if I get it. Later.