I've meant to post this for a while now, and between work, surfing, Jiu Jitsu and the gym, I finally have time. A few weeks ago I went to download my camera memory card to process my images and my hard drive did not immediately connect. Not a problem, I tried it again, and still nothing. I ran the disk repair program and the worst word came up: CORRUPTED. Yes, my drive was now a paperweight. All of my images since I've been in South Africa were gone! My arrival. The time with my family on Safari when my Granddaughters save a real lion up close. Images of myself and friends. My 365 Project all gone! The horror! Not really. Not a problem. I just reformatted the drive, made sure it worked well and copied all of the images from my backup drive. HOW MANY OF YOU CAN DO THAT? I think the warning is obvious. Between here and the States I have about 6TB worth of images that I've kept. I have all of my images since my last trip to the States backed up on an 8TB drive in Miami and about the same equivalent here in Cape Town. The key is a backup that has another backup away from your home, or you keep your backup at work and bring it home on the weekends to back everything up. Why offsite? Fire, burglary, flood, etc...DON'T BE A DUMBASS! Drives are so cheap nowadays there is no excuse. Oh, and backup your phone images too. They are just as valuable. Take heed!